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Outdoor activities: hiking, cycling, trail running

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Walking, cycling or horse riding

The Blavet valley offers many walking, cycling and horse riding routes.

The towpath along the river is accessible on foot, by bike or on horseback. It is an ideal place for family walks without steep hills and without a car. The little ones will love it and so will you!

Discover all the circuits of the Blavet valley.

For the more athletic, climbing the slopes of the Castennec promontory or the Maneguen (13 km / 42650,9ft away) is a real challenge. A little further downstream, at Pont-Augan, the GR 38 allows you to reach other wooded areas of the region.

Two nautical bases, at Saint Nicolas des Eaux and Pont-Augan (Baud) will introduce you to the pleasures of water (canoeing, kayaking, pedal-boating). The reaches make it easier to launch small boats (canoes, kayaks, etc.) which can easily pass through the locks from the side.

Sailing on the Blavet

For larger boats, passing through the locks requires a little organisation: remember to give the lock keeper 24 hours' notice! The Saint-Nicolas-des-Eaux boat stop offers the necessary connections for water and electricity.

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