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Fauna and flora: a concentrate of nature

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Preserved natural area in the heart of Brittany

The Blavet valley offers a mosaic of very different natural environments: wet meadows, woods, copses, moors, etc.

Walking along the towpath is a good way to discover all this wildlife.

The kingfisher is a must on the banks of the Blavet, as is the attentive grey heron, sitting on the bank. You may be able to hear the music thrushes high up in the air with their whistling songs. The fisherman, in search of pike or salmon, sometimes has the privilege of spotting the European otter!

The meander hiking trail allows for total immersion in the heart of this preserved nature.

With almost 153 hectares, the Crano moors are an exceptional natural area overlooking the Blavet!  Numerous birds can be observed there, such as the pitchou warbler, the melodious linnet and the European sparrowhawk. The red fox shares the moors with the wild rabbit, the weasel and the green lizard.

The site is listed as a "Natural Zone of Faunistic and Floristic Interest".

The Crano moors can be explored on foot or by mountain bike.


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