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Fishing in the Blavet Valley

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Fishing places

The Blavet

A perfect river to fish in Brittany

Pêche Blavet ©Piriou J

The Blavet, classified in second category, is a river with a majority of predators and cyprinidae. It will therefore be an ideal playground to fish pike, perch, carp, but also many other species, not to mention migatory fishes such as salmon and alose !

Because of its wealth of fish, the Blavet valley thus allows a wide variety of fishing techniques (fishing at the stroke, fly, decoy, etc.). Young and old, amateurs and enthusiasts, everyone will find happiness!

To facilitate this practice, improvements are present on the Blavet and its tributaries:

  • Launch chocks for small boats, canoes and kayaks, tube floats… Saint-Adrien (Saint-Barthélémy) and Saint-Nicolas-des-Eaux.
  • Accessible fishing stations for people with reduced mobility on the Blavet in Pont-Augan (Baud), Castennec (Bieuzy) and Saint-Nicolas-des-Eaux.



1st category rivers

The Evel, the Sarre.riviere-mschaffner

The Evel also has mixed stands of trouts, carnivores and white fishes.

The Sarre takes its source in the Côtes d'Armor, at an altitude of 212 m. It joins the Blavet in Melrand. The Sarre Valley can be described as a “haven of peace” for local wildlife and especially for the European otter. Many wild trout are present in this highly oxygenated river.




Fish in ponds

Initiation à la pêche Vallée du Blavet TourismeThe pond of Kerstraquel in Melrand

Located a few hundred meters from the town centre of Melrand and bordered by the Sarre, one of the most beautiful trout rivers of the Morbihan, the pond of Kerstraquel offers a remarkable natural setting. The Density of white fish, the regular releases of Rainbow trout, the facilites carried out (fishing stations and paths accessible to people with reduced mobility) as well as existing equipment (picnic area, playground, toilets…), offer excellent conditions for family fishing. water body in 2nd category. 

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Many other water bodies are also accessible :

- Communal pond of Guénin

- Communal pond of Saint-Barthélémy

More information at the Tourist Office


Where to buy a membership card ?

Baud - Camping de Pont-Augan - Pont-Augan - 02 97 51 04 74
Baud - Bar le Rétro - 15 rue Saint-Yves - 02 97 51 00 65
Baud - Point Vert - ZA de Kermestre -  02 97 51 05 94
Guénin - Bar Tabac An Dro Kafé - 4 place de Malachappe - 02 97 39 13 08
Melrand - Bar Tabac Presse le Melrandais - 9 place de l'Eglise - 02 97 39 74 80
Melrand - Bar Jeux Chez Anne-Marie - 4 rue de la Mairie - 02 97 39 51 23

Since May 2022, you can now buy your fishing card at the Tourist Office in Saint-Nicolas-des-Eaux from April to September!
Payment by cheque or cash.

>> More information :  visit the site of the Morbihan Fishing Federation. Phone : 02 97 44 54 55



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