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Fishermen’s paradise

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The Blavet, an essential fishing spot in Central Brittany


Well known to enthusiasts, the Blavet is classified as a second category river.  It is rich in pike and perch but also in migratory fish. Salmon and large shad come here to reproduce according to an unchanging cycle specific to each species. They then return to the sea.

Fish passes have been built to allow them to go up the locks.

The Evel, the Sarre, but also the Tarun, the Houé and the Brandifrout are first category rivers and offer quality trout fishing from March to September.

Secure fishing posts are accessible to all at Saint-Nicolas-des-Eaux and La Couarde. The lakes are equipped for fishermen at Pont-Augan, Guénin, Melrand and Saint-Barthélemy with a fishing permit.


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